Russian Football: Keeping the Nation’s Goal Alive

3 апреля 2019

It has been a voyage of discovery for the national team. Here we’ll talk about its roots, its progress, and the many ways that YOU can keep the nation’s goal.

How Russia Became a Football Country

Today’s national sports was yesteryear’s simple leisure from the British expats, who introduced the game to the Russian soil. They played football by the Petersburg docks as they waited for crews of ships arriving from Britain.

The game aroused the curious Russian locals. They observed the foreigners and slowly learned the skills and adapted the rules of football. Soon people were forming groups, running, and passing the ball by foot. It became a famous pastime activity in the community. In between horse races and tug-of-war games, they got a newfound love for football.

Some years after, their love for playing football has developed into something more profound. It became a national favorite. In fact, it ousted their adoration for hockey, despite the many Olympic gold medals and Soviet dominance Russia had earned over the years.

Now, you can see children and adults alike enjoying the sports, from small spaces in the alley to big fields in town. Both men and women don’t mind getting in the mud and chasing balls. You can see teams from both genders joining the national league. When it comes to the Russian way of living, football holds a special place in the community.

The Nation’s Pride

Due to the local’s keen interest in the game, many football teams and leagues had risen up to the occasion.

The Russian Premier League is hailed as one of the best in Eastern Europe. With its long-standing record of victories in the UEFA Cup, it continues to show that football in Russia is more than just a hobby. It’s a national sport. A country’s pride.

What was once a game of leisure in the past has developed into one of the biggest sports tournament across the globe – and Russians are impeccably good at.

They have come a long way since 1893 when the first football match was held in the country. Last 2018, the Russian national football team was one of the most controversial topics in sports. They reached quarterfinals for World Cup – a first in its tale – that left an imprint to millions of sports enthusiast across the globe.

Although they didn’t take home the bacon, it was still a triumphant moment for the Russian national team. Heck, post-Soviet Russia could not even get past through the kick-off.

Football Tips

In sports, there's always a room for improvement. If you're an aspiring football superstar, the right training can get you on board to the Russia national team. Dedication and consistency are two important elements that can help you become a better pick in the league.

So how do you become better at playing football?

Even the best footballer wasn't able to hone his skills overnight. Here we've rounded up some of the best strategies to help improve your skills. Always remember that today's practice goals are tomorrow's field goals.

#1 Practice, practice, and practice.

It takes several skills to master the art of football. Focus on building and honing these tricks:

  • You need to control the ball close to your body using your feet. Try kicking the ball against a wall over and over again. Hit it and bring it down with your left and right foot.
  • Everybody has a weaker foot. One good asset of a great footballer is his ability to utilize both feet to juggle a ball with finesse. Improve your weaker foot using the same routine.
  • Another favorable element is the ability to get yourself out of tight and tricky situations. Work on dribbling tight areas by weaving in and out of cones or flags.

#2 Stay fit.

It’s a no-brainer: You need to be fit so you can match the laborious game of football. It’s a physical game. It’s fast and explosive. The last thing you’d want to happen is to get out of breath, lose your energy, and miss a clear goal.

Get out there and condition yourself with regular exercise.

#3 Control your diet.

Diet and exercise always go hand-in-hand. You can’t expect good fitness results when your diet keeps sabotaging your physical routine. We recommend players to work with a nutritionist to know the best foods to fuel you. Nevertheless, you can never go wrong with leafy vegetables, fruits, proteins, and healthy fats.

#4 Set goals.

Your ambition is a great fire. Setting goals means having something to look forward to; something to achieve. Incorporate a goal every week, for example. And when you’ve achieved a milestone, congratulate yourself and achieve for more.

This is also important when you’re in a team. Your collective ambitions can help refine your strategies, maximize your skills, and improve your teamwork.

Keeping tracks on your goals is a power move as it reminds and guides you towards your end-goal: to win a trophy and become a famous footballer in Russia.

#5 Take care of your health.

Injuries and accidents happen most of the time when playing sports. It doesn’t happen specifically in tournaments though. Pains and aches can happen during training too.

Always prioritize your health. Stop and recover when necessary. It’s pointless to continue moving forward when you’re unwell; you may suffer a lot more on the long haul. Do preventive measures like conditioning yourself and wearing the right gears. Here’s a good head-start: You can get more discount on Nike for any materials to supplement your practice or tournament.

And when you’re hurt, respect your body enough to let it heal. There’s no shame in taking respite and recovery.

There you have it. These tips, when taken considerably, can help you achieve your football dreams. It can help you land a spot in the league too!

If you'll keep working, the skills will eventually come.

Like how people can fondly recall the best history in Las Vegas, Russia’s love for sports continues to be written down in history. The tell-tales, so far, has been interesting and surprising. Let’s see where their talents can take them years after this writing!

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